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Outland Sponsorship

There is one major difference between inland and outland sponsorship: where your spouse is currently residing. If you are a Canadian permanent resident or citizen looking to sponsor someone who is not currently living in Canada, then you can apply for the outland sponsorship stream.

A downside to using this stream is that until your application has been approved, living with your spouse may be difficult. However, your spouse can apply for a temporary visa to come to Canada while his or her outland sponsorship application is being processed if they choose.

Inland Sponsorship.


Conversely, if your spouse or partner is currently residing in Canada, you can apply for inland spousal sponsorship. In order to qualify for this stream, the spouse requires some form of valid temporary visa to be in the country.

 One key benefit to this stream is that your spouse may be eligible to apply for an open-work permit while their spousal sponsorship application is being processed. This allows them to work anywhere in the country in almost any field while waiting for their application to be approved.



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